Florida - 6th District

North Carolina - 11th District

Texas - 4th District

Rep. Amash is another of our favorite members of Congress even if possesses a more libertarian streak than we do. He continues to rail against the debt-ridden House budgets and one of just a few members of Congress truly concerned with our national debt. His outspokenness of Donald Trump since his election as president should be interesting to watch during the 115th Congress.


Rep. Louie Gohmert

Rep. Mark Meadows

Rep. DeSantis, along with Sen. Ted Cruz, introduced a term limits bill in the early days of the 115th Congress, something we have long championed. While we won't hold our breath for passage, we applaud him for his efforts to help "drain the swamp." He also is pressuring President Trump to move the American embassy in Israel to Jerusalem.

Leaders in the U.S. House of     Representatives

Michigan - 3rd District

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Rep. Dave Brat

Serving in his second term in Congress, the Texas representative has a very solid conservative voting record. Whether protecting life, supporting our men and women in uniform, or combatting the executive branch's abuse of power, Rep. Ratcliffe is on the side of the Constitution and conservatism.

Texas - 1st District

The establishment in Washington D.C. is waging a battle against constitutional conservatives currently serving in Congress and we must support and stand firm with these great patriots in their effort to save our republic.

Conservative First proudly supports and endorses these current members of the United States House of Representatives.

Rep. Jordan is a solid conservative and one of a handful leaders we have in the U.S. House. Whether taking on Planned Parenthood over its evil practices which were exposed on video or signaling that the IRS commissioner will be impeached over the agency's rogue actions, the Ohio congressman is not afraid to tackle the issues that matter most to we the people.

Without Dave Brat's courage, our country would still be faced with Eric Cantor as House Majority Leader. In a stunning and historical primary victory in 2014, the congressman defeated the establishment and his win should put all moderate and establishment members of Congress on notice: you're next.

No elected conservative in Iowa has more gravitas than Rep. Steve King. Every four years, presidential hopefuls come to Iowa hoping for his endorsement. He has been a solid constitutional conservative leader in the U.S. House over the course of his career and has been a very effective conservative leader despite the establishment's repeated failed attempts to defeat him.

Rep. Jim Jordan

One of our favorite members of Congress, Rep. Gohmert is unafraid to be in the crosshairs of both the establishment in his own party and those on on the other side of the aisle. He is currently drafting a bill that would defund the United Nations until they rescind a resolution condemning Israeli settlements. Outspoken and funny, we always look forward to hearing from this Texas leader.

​Restoring constitutional republicanism

by electing conservative ​first candidates

Don't let the media and the establishment in Washington D.C. fool you: Rep. Meadows was absolutely correct in leading the House Freedom Caucus' fight against the Obamacare repeal bill that ultimately was pulled from the House floor by Speaker Paul Ryan. Now in his third term, he is a solid constitutional conservative and we are proud to recognize his leadership. 

Rep. Justin Amash

Iowa - 4th District

Ohio - 4th District

Rep. John Ratcliffe

Virginia - 7th District

Rep. Ron DeSantis

Rep. Steve King