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Age: 38

Running For:
  Michigan's United States Senate seat currently being held by Sen. Gary Peters (D).

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Constitutional Conservative

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U.S. Senate Endorsement

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John James
U.S. Senate Candidate - Michigan
What you need to know:

Our Analysis:

​​After an unsuccessful but inspiring campaign to become Michigan’s next U.S. senator in 2018, conservative activists in Michigan and across the country encouraged businessman and Army veteran John James to seek Michigan’s other senate seat in 2020.

Mr. James heard those calls to run for public office and formally announced that he will be seeking the U.S. Senate seat currently held by far left Senator Gary Peters.

Conservative First is once again proud to endorse John James in Michigan’s United States senate primary on March 10, 2020. 

John James is a successful businessman who graduated from West Point and served our great nation for eight years. He believes strongly in defending the U.S. Constitution and curbing the size of the federal government through a balanced budget and by reforming our entitlements. Also, he strongly supports our 2nd Amendment rights which are currently under assault.

Mr. James seeks to empower Michigan in the state’s quest to regain its place, as it once was, as one of the most technologically, culturally, and prosperous states of the Union.

Michigan, and more specifically Detroit's, economic and cultural deterioration has been well documented. However, few in the state are willing to suggest what we at Conservative First believe is the obvious primary cause of the decline: the electoral dominance by the Democrats who have championed the growth of the government throughout the years.

The good news is that the voters in Michigan appear to have noticed this as well, because in recent election cycles, conservatives and other right-leaning candidates are winning elections in the Wolverine State. In 2016, the state cast its electoral votes for President Donald J. Trump.

Michiganders have a way to signal to "the powers that be" in the state that they are tired of the status quo by casting their vote in the March 10, 2020 primary, and again in the general election, for John James.

John James is a leader and a true conservative patriot and Michigan voters can send some much-needed help to Senators Mike Lee and Ted Cruz inside the United States Senate.