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Check out this member of the U.S. Senate who needs to be defeated in the 2020 primaries. 

The framers of our great Constitution never imagined that there would be career and lifelong politicians serving in Congress. We love the idea of having Congress only meet every other year like the Texas state legislature.

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When the staff at Conservative First began its initial discussion of the potential occupants of the 2020 Target List, there were a few disagreements. However, no one disagreed with who should be the first choice: current Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky.

It would be a near-impossible chore for anyone to describe Mitch McConnell as a conservative. In fact, Sen. McConnell is closer to a technocrat rather than an ideologue. His 34 year track record of failing to promote a consistent conservative agenda in the United States Senate is the primary reason why he is on Conservative First’s 2020 Target List.

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If our republic is to be restored, we must elect candidates who vow to follow the Constitution and limit the federal government's power and control over our lives.

Senator Mitch McConnell

U.S. Senate Majority Leader - Kentucky

Time-tested conservative values are at the heart of our organization.

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Conservative First is eternally grateful to those men and women currently serving and those who served before. We cannot thank you enough for your service to our country. 

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Mitt Romney's True Colors

Conservative First believes that only a constitutional amendment requiring the federal budget to be balanced will stem the tide of financial ruin created by the federal government's overspending and borrowing.

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We believe in reaffirming our commitment and relationship with our strongest and longest standing ally in the Middle East, Israel, and unequivocally support President Trump's decision to move our United States Embassy to the capital city of Jerusalem.


The midterm elections are just eight days away and conservatives and right-leaning voters must get to the polls and re-elect a Republican House majority so that Representative Jim Jordan can become the next Speaker of the House.

Conservative First is a federally registered political action committee (PAC) dedicated to restoring constitutional republicanism by supporting and electing conservative first candidates.

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We believe in the right to bear arms. Any incumbent who supports stripping or restricting this constitutional right will be at the top of the list for a challenge and defeat in the primary.

Senator Mitt Romney is not a person of conviction thus becoming yet another typical Republican politician who sticks his finger in the air to check what direction the fake political winds blow.

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