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Long overdue, we call on Congress to stop sending the United Nations an annual sum of over $8 billion. The UN is hostile to our ally Israel at best and anti-Semitic at worst.

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In 1980, Ronald Reagan called for the United States to return to the gold standard and now over forty years later, we are still waiting.


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The framers of our great Constitution never imagined that there would be career and lifelong politicians serving in Congress. We need term limits!

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No Vern, We Don't Want Bi-Partisanship

GOP Speaker Search Is a Circus

Recent polls have shown former President Trump leading Biden in the 2024 race. Great news. But let's also take a step back and consider a few things:

1. The election is still 13 months away. That is a lot of time for the establishment and media to discourage us.
2. The bogus indictments against President Trump are still unpredictable on how or if they will have any effect on the race.
3. The establishment GOP and NeverTrumpers are actively trying to torpedo the race by either not supporting a possible Trump nomination, actively trying to persuade Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin to parachute into the race, or in some cases, supporting the current president. Here's looking at you Lincoln Project.
4. There is still a decent chance that Biden will drop out of the race. Though whomever the Democrats nominate in place of Biden will be much more radical and that is definitely saying something.
5. Beware of 2020, Part II

Regardless of who you support now in the GOP primary race, we must all come together next November and soundly defeat the Democrats in 2024. Sitting out the election or voting for Robert Kennedy Jr. will only allow the Marxists to continue our nation's downward spiral.

Keep the faith, never give up, and support the GOP candidate in 2024.

We believe in the right to bear arms. Any incumbent who supports stripping or restricting this constitutional right will be at the top of the list for a challenge and defeat in the primary.

Stay the Course

Senator Lindsey Graham conducted an interview with Fox News and voiced that he is “amazed how badly” the first six months of the Biden Administration have gone.

Back under the rock you go Lindsey!

Conservative First is a federally registered political action committee (PAC) dedicated to restoring constitutional republicanism by supporting and electing conservative first candidates.

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Clueless Lindsey Graham

The Democrats just know how to play the game.

Radical leftist Hakeem Jeffries gets every single Democrat vote for Speaker of the House. Conservative Jim Jordan gets 200 votes because a bunch of "moderates" and liberal Republicans refuse to vote for him.
Those squishy GOP members are afraid of what the media will say or think about them so they vote against a solid conservative.

Yet the Democrats are in lock-step with Jeffries because they are unafraid and they truly believe in the marxism displayed from their side of the aisle.

And we wonder why we lose elections.

This is embarrassing. Not for Jim Jordan or the process of electing a speaker but for the establishment and its culture in Washington.

We must continue to clean house of these saboteurs in the swamp.

We don’t need go-along-to-get-along politicians like Vern Buchanan. He may be a fine person. But this isn’t about being nice and be applauded for seeing both sides of an issue. Our nation’s fabric is being ripped apart by the left and now is the time to resist that destruction. Now is not the time to work with those on the other side which continues to push the Russian collusion hoax.

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