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Age: 67

Title:  U.S. Senator from Nebraska since 2013

Conservative First Index Ideology Category:

Establishment Moderate

Our Analysis:

Conservative First has determined that the next occupant on our 2018 Target List is Senator Deb Fischer of Nebraska.

Unlike Senator Fischer’s Nebraskan counterpart in the Senate, Ben Sasse, she has had a rather unremarkable first term after winning such improbable victories in the 2012 primary and general elections. Sen. Fischer won those elections by focusing on the rural and less densely populated counties in Nebraska which tend to vote for conservative candidates with traditional values.

Sen. Fischer receives low to average marks from national conservative groups and think tanks. While she often votes favorably on issues concerning the Second Amendment as well as on social issues such as abortion, the senator has a tendency to vote for the expansion of the federal government at the detriment of the people. For example, Fischer voted for the 2018 Food Stamp and Farm Bill which we strongly opposed because it did not reform both the welfare and agriculture parts of the bill. Another example of a vote that Sen. Fischer cast that we found egregious was voting against Senator Mike Lee’s Repeal Title I of Obamacare amendment. After voting in 2015 to repeal Obamacare and with little political capital at stake, the senator voted against repealing a key part of the law despite her party in full control of the federal government. Since passing in 2010, candidates and politicians have promised the American people that they would vote to get rid of Obamacare. 

We are still waiting Senator Fischer.

First-term members of Congress are often vulnerable to the influences of higher ranking officials and this vulnerability often affects the way they cast their votes. Senator Fischer seems to be caught in this susceptible trap.

While we would be the first to acknowledge that upon an initial glance at Senator Fischer’s record, she does not seem like an antithetical conservative. However, our research team sees Senator Deb Fischer evolving into an unreliable senator at best or a liberal senator at worst. This occurs all too frequently as members of Congress overstay their time in Washington D.C. and become part of the establishment swamp. 

Conservative First advises the citizens of Nebraska to hit the “reset button” now and save themselves some heartache by electing a much more conservative candidate to the United States Senate.

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Sen. Deb Fischer

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