​Restoring constitutional republicanism

by electing conservative ​first candidates

Leader in the U.S. Senate

July 24th

A champion of limited government, President Calvin Coolidge's conservatism should be a model of how today's leaders can win elections and govern effectively.

John James

U.S. Senate- Michigan

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This week's leader is Senator Mike Lee of Utah. Despite rumors to the contrary, Sen. Lee has not been interviewed by President Trump to fill Justice Anthony Kennedy's vacated seat on the Supreme Court. We would have have been absolutely thrilled if he was nominated. Regardless, Senator Lee is the model of a constitutional conservative and we support him unequivocally.

Our mission is to restore constitutional republicanism by identifying conservative first candidates and supporting them through the primary, into the general election, and finally, monitoring their commitment to the principles of the Constitution once in office. 

Georgia runoff

Conservative First is a federally registered political action committee (PAC) dedicated to restoring constitutional republicanism by supporting and electing conservative first candidates.

Sen. Roger Wicker

U.S. Senate - Mississippi

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The members of the first Congress of the United States included 54 who were delegates to the Constitutional Convention or delegates to the various state-ratifying conventions. The number also included 7 delegates who opposed ratification.

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