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Balanced Budget


Conservative First believes that only a constitutional amendment requiring the federal budget to be balanced will stem the tide of financial ruin created by the federal government's overspending and borrowing.

This week's leader is Senator Mike Lee of Utah. Leading the charge against the Senate's awful Obamacare repeal bill, Sen. Lee is fighting back against his critics, including fellow Senate colleague, Orrin Hatch, who are blasting our leader for sticking to his bonafide conservative principles and vowing to uphold the promise to the people of actually repealing Obamacare. Keep fighting strong Sen. Lee!

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A champion of limited government, President Calvin Coolidge's conservatism should be a model of how today's leaders can win elections and govern effectively.


The delegates were involved in debates from 10 a.m. until 3 p.m. six days a week with only a 10 day break during the duration of the convention.

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