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A champion of limited government, President Calvin Coolidge's conservatism should be a model of how today's leaders can win elections and govern effectively.

Dr. Kelli Ward


Part Time Legislature & Term Limits

The framers of our great Constitution never imagined that there would be career and lifelong politicians serving in Congress. We love the idea of having Congress only meet every other year like the Texas state legislature does, for example. We don't hold out hope that this idea will ever come to fruition so we will settle for term limits with a maximum number years served at 12. 

This week's leader is Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu who recently denounced the Iran nuclear deal and praised President Trump's decision to decertify the agreement, calling it "a very brave decision." Mr. Netanyahu is one of a few world leaders who has the courage to call out Iran and other global agents of terror. A great leader. 

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The delegates were involved in debates from 10 a.m. until 3 p.m. six days a week with only a 10 day break during the duration of the convention.

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