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Long overdue, we call on Congress and the Trump Administration to stop sending the United Nations an annual sum of over $8 billion. The UN is hostile to our ally Israel at best and anti-Semitic at worst.

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In 1980, Ronald Reagan called for the United States to return to the gold standard and now nearly forty years later, we are still waiting.

Yes, Rep. Liz Cheney needs to be removed from her House leadership post. There is no question about that.

But House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, House Minority Whip Steve Scalise and scores of other members of Congress are supporting Rep. Elise Stefanik to replace her.

Rep. Elise Stefanik is one of the most, if not THE most, liberal Republicans in the House of Representatives and should not be supported for this important leadership position.

Time-tested conservative values are at the heart of our organization.

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She advocates for climate change policies that will destroy the U.S. economy; voted to have our military budget used to study effects of climate change; opposed funding the border wall; voted in 2019 with Democrats that said President Trump was responsible for the shutdown; voted against President Trump's emergency declaration at the U.S.-Mexico border not once, but twice; voted to block the Trump administration from exiting the Obama-era Paris climate agreement; among many other egregious votes as a member of Congress.

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The framers of our great Constitution never imagined that there would be career and lifelong politicians serving in Congress.

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An economy unfettered by government intervention will prosper best. Tariffs are bad for our economy and are nothing more than a tax on the American consumer who will now pay more for the goods and services that he or she wants

We believe in the right to bear arms. Any incumbent who supports stripping or restricting this constitutional right will be at the top of the list for a challenge and defeat in the primary.

President Trump may have only served one-term in the White House but he will always be remembered for something you never will be: President.

Conservative First is a federally registered political action committee (PAC) dedicated to restoring constitutional republicanism by supporting and electing conservative first candidates.

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We appreciate that she has now become a "loyalist" to President Trump and the movement he created. But her track record suggests otherwise when it comes to promoting and defending conservatism.

This leadership post is far too important to trust someone like Rep. Elise Stefanik. Names like Gohmert, Gaetz, Roy, Buck, Boebert, Jordan, Massie to name a few would make far better leaders than Rep. Stefanik.

At best, this is a misguided choice based off of her recent support of President Trump. At worst, it's identity politics that so many of us conservatives despise

Tell your representative to vote NO on Rep. Elise Stefanik for House leadership.

We “Stand With Rand” in Senator Paul’s quest of bringing some much-needed transparency to the Federal Reserve by auditing it.

If the GOP won’t fight when they are the majority, what makes us think they will fight against the left when they are powerless? Time for change. It is upon us to fight back against the tyrannical left and right. Join the fight.

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