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A champion of limited government, President Calvin Coolidge's conservatism should be a model of how today's leaders can win elections and govern effectively.

Dr. Kelli Ward

U.S. Senate - Arizona

Limited Government

If our republic is to be restored, we must elect candidates who vow to follow the Constitution and limit the federal government's power and control over our lives.

This week's leader is "The Great One", ​Mark Levin. Having enlightened and entertained us for well over a decade now, the conservative best-selling author, radio talk show personality, television host, and our nightly Constitutional professor is launching a new show, "Life, Liberty, and Levin", this Sunday, February 25 at 10pm on The Fox News Channel. We will surely be tuning in every week and wish Mark our very best in his latest endeavor.

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The members of the first Congress of the United States included 54 who were delegates to the Constitutional Convention or delegates to the various state-ratifying conventions. The number also included 7 delegates who opposed ratification.

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