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J.D. Vance

Don Buldoc

Senator Lisa Murkowski must be defeated once and for all and principled conservative

Kelly Tshibaka is the one to finally retire the Murkowski political dynasty in the great state of Alaska. Kelly is the fighter we need right now and will strengthen the conservative brigade in the United States Senate. Remember: Sen. Murkowski, Mitch McConnell ally, voted to convict President Trump in his 2021 impeachment trial.

Senator Ron Johnson is like a fine wine: he gets better with age. Since being elected in the 2010 wave,

Sen. Johnson has been a strong principled conservative and the last few years has only strengthened his resume; fighting COVID-19 lockdowns in particular. His opponent, Mandela Barnes is an extreme radical and this seat must remain in the red column.


Kelly Tshibaka

Senator Mike Lee has been one of our favorite senators since first being elected in 2010. A strong conservative fighter, Sen. Lee has defended the Constitution with vigor. The best part of Sen. Lee's tenure in the United States Senate is how much the establishment wants to defeat him. In our book, that is the biggest reason to endorse him.

Sen. Mike Lee

Senator Marco Rubio will sometimes stray from the principles that originally brought him to Washington in the first place but he has been a steady conservative in the United States Senate and Florida is an extremely important state for us to win. 



Adam Laxalt

We are proud to endorse wife, mother, and patriot Tiffany Smiley. Her far-left opponent, Senator Patty Murray, has been in the swamp for 30 years! Time is up. The state of Washington may appear deep blue but they are ready for a change. Tiffany Smiley will restore the belief in the American Dream and push back against the hard left agenda inside the upper chamber in Washington D.C.

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John Fetterman must never enter the halls of Congress. Dr. Mehmet Oz needs to win this crucial senate seat. That's the sentence. 

Sen. Marco Rubio

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell's closely aligned Super PAC has pulled money from this race. They have abandoned the former Army Brigadier General Don Buldoc but we believe he can still win and stand by this patriot. He has served his country with distinction and will proudly serve in the United States Senate as a principled constitutional conservative.

Sen. Ron Johnson

Dr. Mehmet Oz

Conservative First is a federally registered political action committee (PAC) dedicated to restoring constitutional republicanism by supporting and electing conservative first candidates.


Ohio is a state that President Trump won big in both 2016 and 2020. The voters of Ohio must keep this senate seat in the red column and continue the Make America Great Again agenda that the 45th president ran on. We fully support J.D. Vance to represent the Buckeye state as a conservative and help fight against the marxist agenda being forced upon us.


Senate ​Endorsements

Tiffany Smiley

Blake Masters may be new to American politics but that is certainly fine with us. Arizona has been trending left in recent years but Arizonans are being fooled with Senator Mark Kelly's claims to be a moderate. Make no mistake:

Sen. Kelly is a lapdog for Chuck Schumer and President Biden.

​Mr. Masters is another principled conservative we need in the U.S. Senate.



Nevada voters have a big opportunity to unseat the radical incumbent Senator Catherine Masto Cortez. Adam Laxalt has been fighting for conservative values his entire life. His grandfather, former Senator Paul Laxalt, was a close friend and confidant of President Ronald Reagan. Conservative FIRST is proud to endorse Adam Laxalt.



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Blake Masters