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Rep. Pete King
       New York's 2nd Congressional District

Age: 75

Title:  U.S. House Representative from New York's 2nd Congressional District since 2013. 3rd Congressional District representative from 1993-2013.

Conservative First Index Ideology Category:

Establishment Liberal

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What You Need to Know:


U.S. House Target

Our Analysis:

If we told you that there is a politician seeking reelection in the United States House of Representatives from New York’s 2nd Congressional District who supported the 2008 Wall Street bailout, opposed efforts to restrict or end bans on earmarks, and said of conservative stalwart Ted Cruz, “I hate Ted Cruz…I’ll take cyanide if he ever got the nomination…”,  would you support him? Would you be satisfied as a conservative supporting a candidate who received a score of “D” from the National Rifle Association, who consistently votes for unrestricted growth of the federal government?

Well, this politician is Representative Pete King, and he has served in Congress since 1993, which at 26 years in the swamp is more than double the amount of years (12 years) Conservative First believes is the maximum amount of time in Washington D.C. any man or woman should serve.

Conservative First is placing Rep. Pete King on our 2020 Target List because he has not only failed the cause of conservatism, but he has allowed the infestation of progressivism to infiltrate his district via his inept representation.

And quite frankly, we are tired of his attacks on the true leaders in Congress like Senator Ted Cruz and the members of the Freedom Caucus who Rep. King calls “obstructionists” and constantly blames this conservative group for not going along with the establishment in its quest to expand more government control over our lives.

Rep. Pete King was once lauded by conservatives after the terrorist attacks of 9/11 because of his proximity to New York and the effects it had on his constituency. However, since then, he has failed to distinguish himself from the forces in the New York metropolitan area who are embracing the ever-expanding growth of government. Pete King should view his solemn role as the firewall keeping his constituency from the ravages of a runaway government, instead he is morphing into a big government advocate forcing conservatives and limited government advocates to look elsewhere. 

Conservative First is standing with those concerned citizens ever diligent in the quest to find truly conservative candidates to lead who see patriots such as members of the Freedom Caucus and Ted Cruz as the solution to the problems that ail our great nation, not obstructionists and the reason for taking cyanide.