Sen. Jeff Flake

Age: 55

Title:  U.S. Senator from Arizona since 2013

Conservative First Index Ideology Category:

Establishment Moderate

Our Analysis:

Senator Jeff Flake may seem conservative by comparison to his fellow senate colleague from Arizona, John McCain, but he is simply not conservative at all and thus finds himself on our 2018 Target List

Jeff Flake’s name began to be whispered by many prominent conservatives while he was a member of the House of Representatives due to his hardline approach towards budgetary items, namely earmarks, and fighting against the ever-expanding role of the federal government and the inevitable strain that expansion puts onto the American people.

However, Flake’s bona fides as a conservative were nothing to brag about. Despite his Mormon faith, he was quite socially liberal, but his fearsome approach to fiscal restraint caught the eyes of some conservatives around the country and he was elected to the senate in 2012.

Unfortunately, it now appears that Jeff Flake’s ambition once he became a senator may have made him vulnerable to the seductions of Harry Reid and Chuck Schumer. Senator Flake broke rank with his party in the senate shortly after taking office by aligning himself with Schumer on the issue of immigration. He became a member of the Gang of Eight and his political downfall began. Unlike Senator Marco Rubio who struggled politically to recover from his membership in this group, Sen. Flake never did recover, at least to us and other conservative grassroots organizations. His willingness to support open borders, promote a pathway to citizenship for illegals, and other liberal immigration policies seemed antithetical coming from a senator from a border state.

Long before Senator Flake started his constant attacks on President Donald J. Trump and being a thorn in the side of conservatism, we long recognized him as a failed senator and a tool for the media who use him to disparage conservative principles and ultimately the people in the grassroots.

Our mission is to identify and help to elect conservative candidates to office while also identifying those in Congress who have renounced their conservative principles altogether. Thus, Senator Flake’s abandonment of conservatism has earned him a secure spot on Conservative First’s Target List. 

The citizens of Arizona must have a true constitutional conservative represent them in the United States Senate. With Senator John McCain in the midst of his sixth senate term, Sen. Jeff Flake must be defeated so that conservatism can survive in the Grand Canyon State.

Update #1: 8/23/2017: Conservative First has endorsed Dr. Kelli Ward to become Arizona’s next United States senator.

Update #2: 10/24/17: Senator Jeff Flake has announced he will not seek re-election.

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