Age: 66

  U.S. House Representative from Michigan's
6th Congressional District since 1993.

Conservative First Index Ideology Category:
Establishment Liberal

Rep. Fred Upton
       Michigan's 6th Congressional District


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Our Analysis:

Michigan’s economic and political struggles, which began midway through the 20th century, have been well documented. The free-market industry that propelled Michigan to a nationwide leader in manufacturing and industry, as well as cultural and intellectual achievements, was co-opted by the left and consequently plundered, leaving a path of destruction similar to that of a tornado.

The Sixth Congressional District’s experience mirrors the state of Michigan as a whole. The once thriving region of the state is now engaged in a battle between the free-market spirit that propelled the state’s early achievements and the progressives’ preference for overregulation and high taxation. Representative Fred Upton is the congressman from this district and while there are worse examples of political leaders in Michigan, Conservative First has chosen Upton once again for its 2020 Target List because he represents the stagnation of the the area that needs new leadership for success.

Rep. Upton has been in the Congress for far too long. He was first elected to Congress in 1986, and as with most on our Target List, he has outlasted his usefulness and become part of the problem. His most notable failures include: voting to reauthorize the Export-Import Bank, voting “yea” on the two-year budget deal that raised spending caps by $80 billion and suspended the debt limit for two years; voted to increase the federal deficit by hundreds of billions of dollars ($1.1 trillion dollar spending bill, December 2015); supporting federal bailouts, voting in favor of McCain/Feingold, and other measures which expand the federal government’s scope of control.

His voting record reflects more like a liberal politician. For instance, as Chairman of the Committee on Energy and Commerce, he outrageously co-sponsored legislation that banned the incandescent light bulb. What’s he working on next? Monitoring how many times we can flush the toilet per day? He has become a reliable vote for the establishment and for leaders on the opposite side of the aisle.

What is most disconcerting about elected officials such as Upton is their blatant disregard for how their actions will affect the nation. They make knee-jerk, sweeping decisions as if they exist in a vacuum. The damage that an abusive government can do goes beyond the tangible examples; it is most damaging to the collective psyche of America. This country is far too comfortable with the government interference in their lives. We need a new crop of elected official who will commit to ebbing the grow of the monstrosity which now exists.

The good people of Michigan have suffered a great deal in the decades that have seen liberals control much of the agenda. This region of the country, often derided as the “rust belt”, shares with Michigan the struggle to evolve from a manufacturing-centric economy to one with a more diversified means of economic dependency. However, the over-reliance on liberal politicians and progressive theories is something that Michigan does not share with its rust belt brethren. It is no coincidence that states such as Ohio, Illinois, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin have not allowed one political party to dominate for over 50 years and thus have seen their states rebound sooner from the depths of the recession.

Conservative First is recommending that the citizens of Michigan abandon the party which has long ago abandoned them and vote for a conservative candidate who will liberate the state’s great economic engine that has laid dormant for far too long.​