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Conservative First is proud to endorse Dr. Tre Pennie in his bid to represent the citizens of Texas’s 30th Congressional District.

Dr. Pennie is an Army veteran, a 20-year Sergeant with the Dallas Police Department, and an executive director of three non-profit organizations designed for police advocacy and to assist the families of law enforcement officers killed or critically injured in the line of duty.

Now as a conservative candidate for the United States House of Representatives, Dr. Tre Pennie is ready to take on the political status quo that has been woven into the fabric of Washington for far too long. 

Texas’s 30th Congressional District, serving much of the city of Dallas, has been occupied by Representative Eddie Bernice Johnson since 1993, the first year of its existence. After 27 years of more-of-the-same broken promises and harmful policies, the citizens of this district deserve a fresh voice with a bold and conservative vision and Dr. Tre Pennie is ready to provide the leadership so desperately needed.

Dr. Pennie’s core conservative principles and values closely align with our organization. He told us that “free-market capitalism is the only way to stimulate an ailing economy.” As we have seen the past three plus years, an economy unfettered from government intervention prospers best and lifts the livelihoods of all Americans.

Candidate Pennie also supports a balanced budget amendment which will “hold Congress accountable for its poor spending habits that only burden our children’s legacy rights to prosperity.” He is absolutely right. We must tackle the out-of-control spending that has permeated throughout the halls of Congress by both political parties and implement sound fiscal responsibility and sustainability to our government.

As Dr. Pennie states on his website, he will “aggressively fight to reduce crime, enhance education, stimulate the economy, grow businesses, and improve the lives of all constituents in the district.” To learn more about Dr. Tre Pennie and the issues that define his campaign, check out his website at www.pennieforcongress.com.

With crime rising again in many major metropolitan cities, failing schools becoming the norm, not the exception, and a lack of economic opportunity for many citizens living in districts that deserve far better, it is time to vote Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson out of office.

The 2020 election can be a watershed moment for finally replacing the failed policies of the past 27 years with a resolute conservative agenda that will serve the interests of the people first and not the partisan bureaucrats only looking out for themselves. Better schools, reduction in crime, and plentiful job opportunities can be attained with the right leadership in place.

Conservative First calls on the citizens of Texas’s 30th Congressional District to take a courageous stand against the status quo and vote for 2020 U.S. House of Representatives candidate Dr. Tre Pennie.



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